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Go Fever – 2320

Go Fever’s 2320 is a jumble-around, rock and roll, retro-nostalgia, 50’s retribution tune. It’s just a good time, in a 4 minute package. “Retribution” you say? Yes! It pulls that rotten tooth at the back of your mouth, and gently and mother-ly takes you on a journey.

Check it. What non-sense. But there’s more.

“Margie, can you get me that coke from the fridge?” a temporarily one legged Jen, asked.

As Margie, opened up the refrigerator, a fancy bright light opened up her eyes, seducing her to stop, then focus.

Margie was not getting that coke for her hobbled friend. She stared into the deep white eyes of the ice box, thinking, wondering, wandering in her mind.

The thoughts swirled, in a hurricane of words and dystopic biases. The cold air met the warmth of the ambient. A mini weather system ingress-like at her feet.

Her eyes still set, she couldn’t allow herself to move.

It was a dire decision. It had to be perfect.

“Diet or regular, Jen?”

What a friend. Jen is lucky to have Margie as her pal.

We dig Go Fever’s monotone-esque 50’s fabulousness. Others do to. Judge for yourself, we say.

Go, go!



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