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Goblin Prince – Full Moon Fever

“For this song I was inspired by legends of feral children and lycanthropy,” said GOBLIN PRINCE. “There are many leg traps laid out for us disguised as convention – about how we should behave, how we should look, how we should love. I’m obsessed with going back to a feral state before fear comes into our lives and this song. The song is about heeding the call of the wild and getting to that feral state.” Intensity is GOBLIN PRINCE. The production of their body of works is contrary, decadent, mystifying, and ‘grotesque’. The solitary visions, emblazon as their baroque-vibin’ realities, can’t help but collide with your listening inhibitions. It’s that heavy velvet curtain, red and enthralling. Put your hand out, and let’s reveal what’s on the other side with GOBLIN PRINCE.

Catherine MacLellan – Come Back In

Catherine’s voice is where it’s at. Simply that. She could be singing anything, about anything, in any kind of capacity – the vocals just ‘sing’ to you as the listener. It’s a glorious plane of existence when listening to Catherine. Of course her lyrical process is as sophisticated and delicate as folk can be. And her fans acknowledge that with fervor. We understood, from the first time we’d laid ‘ears’ on her songs. We guess you CAN fall in love with a singer’s way of expressing their songs, eh? Off of her upcoming new album ‘COYOTE’ (October 11th), ‘Come Back In’ represents a lot of things. As Catherine put it: “Sometimes it can take a while to notice your relationship is falling apart. It can take a lot of effort to bring it back, but that can only work if both of you are actively trying to come back to centre.” It’s a song that is kind of a ‘eulogy’ to the relationships that stood at the edge of a slide, and when we knew it was down hill from then on. Nothing to stop that momentum. The ‘last good-bye’ to the goodness that was had, hand in hand, heart to heart. Let’s accept and move forward.

Young Clancy – Level

Toronto based YOUNG CLANCY is a beast. Surging out song after song of fabulous 70’s vibin’ singles, the singer/songwriter/producer just knows how to live it up and take it down. Off of his upcoming new EP, his single ‘Level’ is a motown delivery in pop explorations, alt in some respects, and shine in all aspects. Continuing the themed EP ‘Vol. II’ efforts in exploring the “modern and fractured masculine perspective” is a gauntlet worthy of chance. The bustling danceability and bop of a song like ‘Level’ is a contradiction in love and terms, breaking the terms of service, within a relationship that has faded in definition. It’s a call to arms – a call to see love in a different way. Emptiness is a friend that must be approached in caution. YC said: “The character in the song feels suddenly alone in their drunken and manic state and begs someone to join them on their “Level”.

intentiontremor. – Dilemma

San Francisco Alt-Rock/Metal Trio, made up of Derek Haerle, Daniel Hasegan, and Gabe Osorio keeps it modern with this fantastically nostalgic and forward hinting single ‘Dilemma’. Alice In Chins, mixed with the oddly sexy vibes of INXS, gathers together to make this fabulously intimidatingly hard-rock fair. This is the debut of the band, and with it, they demonstrate fantastic arrangement, patience of developing the right amount of tension, unbelievably succulent high-hat work, and guitar riffs that are better than most dedicated and conventional solos. It’s the song that tells you in lessons in this genre of song making. Intensity is built into every step of the song. Derek’s vocals just bounce off with resoundingly athletic and languid flexibility as his mates make the final pitch. It’s a grand offering and it’s just the start of it all. Glory days.

Buddha Trixie – Dream Daze

Andrew Harris, Daniel Cole, Dennis Moon, and Kenzo Mann, transforms in to this San Diego area psyche band. It’s done on a schedule where they visit venues of descent size and interact as best as they can with the audience. Some don’t like them. Most do. And with each nod of approval, and shimmy of the audience member’s butts, BUDDHA TRIXIE always kicks it up a notch, for appreciating he response is their passion. Their daily dose. And with it they survive, then thrive for many hours, as the enthralled masses sing with them, in a sing-along of the lyrics. They pounce on the chorus, as they too, can vibe with the lyrics and what they mean. “Job well done” the band tells themselves with a satisfying opening of their chests to the sky. “Jobe well done”. We concur. ‘Dream Haze’ is a song for the green and maybe the envious, but at the end of the day, it is for everyone. Get soaked into its simplicity.

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