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God Tiny – Cosmos

God Tiny’s Cosmos is a small nugget of gold in the tremendous mound of Brooklyn talents that are available. Kick-ass rock and roll, guitar strings bending, tips of psychedelic licks, tongue swirling reverb on top of gritty growl – the song is fab, and it’s what one needs on a any kind of trek (figuratively or actual)!

Yep. We like this one LOTS.

We like it, just like a triple decker machine operated NYC pay parking lot. Who wants to be parking in a ‘one dimensional’ horizontal and traditional parking lot right?

And treks end with parking, so it’s a good thing that there are parking spaces to use.

Isn’t that the worst?

The worst part of visiting NYC is the parking. And finding the right one, near where your pub is, or near where the concert is, in itself, a reward (albeit a hard fought reward).

Once found, bask in the glory. It’s a rare feat.

There could have been ticketing involved. There could have been an accident involved. There could have been hand-to-hand combat involved.

So, lets be thankful for this little gold nugget.

Lets enjoy it, shine it up, and invest it in our memory banks.

God Tiny Is Good.

Kudo, God Tiny. Kudos.



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