gofy ‘Now We Are Here’ : An allegory to love and to the importance of enjoying every moment.


‘Now we are here’ is the result of combining the deepness of mainstream pop’s lyrics and vocals, with the glitter that electronic music causes in the summer days. With the voice of an Anonymous artist, he created this summer hit as an allegory to love and to the importance of enjoying every moment, as you never know what can happen.

Markus Bubestinger – known by his stage name gofy – is an 18 years old DJ and Producer, based in Linz, Austria. With his magnetic and charming personality, he transmits the spirit of nowadays youth full of desires and ambitions to discover and change the world. In addition to this, he is a boy like you and me that likes to spend the afternoons and nights with his friends and go partying. He began making music at the age of 11, inspired by the work of the great Martin Garrix (which is still a big inspiration for him) and hasn´t stop creating since then.

He released his first single in 2017 on Spotify called “With You” together with his label FRQNCY. The song was in the radio in Brighton, Linz and other cities in Europe. Since 2019 he works for Global Rockstar in Vienna.

Right now gofy is working on his first album.


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