Gold Class – Bully

Gold Class’ Bully comes at us as a ‘gritty look’ into life and relationships. Bringing about the essence of mega stars of old (a la The Doors’ Jim Morrison), the band is a documentary of what we hate about life sometimes, internally and externally, with the hip trouncing.

They’re something music lovers deserve.

Adam Curley’s vocals brings out the power of the song. But the band’s instrumentals just envelops the listener with the right ‘context’.

The context of witty, and subversive extra-marital gaudiness.

Don’t let the pace of the song fool you. The song isn’t apologetic, in any stretch of the imagination. Actually, the song kicks your thoughts into phantasmic utterances in profound anxiety.


Listen to the key guitar chord – the single hard stroke, during the chorus.

“Come here and lick me”

“Hold that chord, like you mean it.”

Caress it. Pinch it.

Bring it home.

Hide it in a cupboard, inside your hidden cavernous walls.


We dig it. So should you.

Gold Class’ latest album, ‘Drum’ is currently out and available for purchase.

The band is rep’ed by Felte and Remote Control. Check ’em all out!


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