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Gold Dime Shares ‘Hindsight II’ Off Of Upcoming Album ‘My House’.

Andrya Ambro brings another precision buck shot to the world of music with ‘Hindsight II’. The performance art fascination of a single, casts dark versus light, and comes out of the pit with some gray and speckle of rebounding colors.

A curation of the similar, dissected in the unfamiliar, then digested with a smile and a wince – all for staying sane and immaculate for the next day.

Andrya Ambro says, “Sometimes we better understand the past if we just talk to it. So this is just the rhetorical me talking to the past through Hindsight personified. Also I think I had The Velvet Underground’s ‘Hey Mr. Rain’ rattling around in my head when this all went down. There is a ‘Hindsight’ first edition on Gold Dime’s debut album Nerves. It’s basically the haiku version of ‘Hindsight II,’ only on piano and much more austere.”

Andrya and GOLD DIME starts their tour October 9th at their record release in NYC @ Alphaville.

On October 11, GOLD DIME drops new album ‘My House’



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