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Gold Dime Shares Title Track ‘My House’ Off Of Upcoming Album (October 11th).

Gold Dime will release My House on October 11th.

About the video Andrya Ambro says, “I can’t say there’s any conscious correlation between the lyrical content of the song and the moving image – a singing face being dragged – besides a surreal and intimate absurdity. But there is definitely a direct line between how both the video and the song make you feel.”

Chris Mulligan adds, “Picture a deep breath from Maya Deren’s Meshes of the Afternoon getting choked in the anxiety of Lynch’s Lost Highway. Locked in step with the hypnotic rhythm, you don’t notice the ground disappearing below you. Then the beat changes and suddenly you no longer know where you are.”

The album ‘My House’ is produced by Andrya and recorded/mixed by Ernie Indradat. Recorded in stages throughout 2018, the album is 8 new tracks, some written by Ambro alone, some an amalgamation of the band.

Added Andrya: “Sometimes we better understand the past if we just talk to it. So this is just the rhetorical me talking to the past through Hindsight personified. Also I think I had The Velvet Underground’s ‘Hey Mr. Rain’ rattling around in my head when this all went down. There is a ‘Hindsight’ first edition on Gold Dime’s debut album Nerves. It’s basically the haiku version of ‘Hindsight II,’ only on piano and much more austere.”


See this peculiar but dynamic project next on October 09 in New York, NY @ Alphaville. It’s a release show with Wume + P.E. (mems of Pill & Eaters) & DJ Tickle Polyester taking the stage.


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