GOLDA Shares ‘Jaded’. “Smoothness. Harmonies. Fall In Love.”

Faceless. Stories told. Relationships of self. External conflicts. Devilish satisfactions. Desperation – GOLDA is all of these in their song and band presentation, then some.

The brilliant sumptuousness of the concealed band is nothing that skips the casual looker. But for the fan of such artistic gimmick, is torture.

Just like the girl who doesn’t want anything to do with you. You want to be with her even more.



GOLDA wants to be yours. Your key to your heart’s questions and inhibitions.

Unlock it.

You know you want to.

Let GOLDA have access.

You know you can’t resist.

The elusive Berlin based band comes at us this time with ‘Jaded’. The R&B act is nothing to sneeze at. If you do, you’ll be blown to bits and resting on the side of many who came in contact.

Fall in love with the smoothness.

Fall in love with the harmonies.

Fall in love.

“I want you now.”



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