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golda Shares ‘Wish I Was Someone Else’. “Adamant reciprocities for grandeur and expediency.”

From her new single, ‘Wish I Was Someone Else’, golda amasses the profound best in what we can achieve. Included in her upcoming self-titled EP, golda’s expectations of the mind and relationships, cast a wide and alluring vestige of sights and sounds that deliver that beautiful twinkle of existential ‘being’, which she does so well.

From her wispy and cheeky vocal attentions, golda’s adamant reciprocities for grandeur and expediency, amounts to the cup filling restorative powers of love and care, in which we all could frame.

Sometimes we miss. Sometimes we hit the bull’s eye. We aren’t a perfect species, indeed.

However, golda’s retrospective and informative gallantry, flicks open the covers for introspective analysis. And from that, she surmises, all of the well-spring of goodness that is hidden, will bubble up for exhaustive usage in our day-to-day.

It’s a valiant thought. A thought of musical patriotism, which expects nothing from our frail emotions, but praises our best at giving it the best attempt.

A supportive and communicative single, ‘Wish I Was Someone Else’, delivers with a gentle warning; at the same time, offering a blow of massive and understated look into that mirror of perpetuated indignations.

“I started taking songwriting more seriously in college when I began recording an EP after a school trip to India,” golda said. “When I was 22, I worked as an assistant for a music manager who sort of ‘discovered’ me as a songwriter and started developing me, leading me to get really involved in the L.A. pop-writing scene. I turned my attention to my own artist project after really missing writing songs that felt like me, like golda.”


Let’s look at our deepest, and hope golda can help continue, leading the way.



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