Golden Spike – This Is A Road

“Can the yellow lines in the middle of the road, take us to Oz? Wish it can. It can, if you want.” Golden Spike’s This Is A Road is an observational take on the everyday / no ordinary days – rediscovered. Heavy load on our shoulders; let’s get started.

That’s life.

Yes. It’s a long road.

The heavy lifting, poor or rich, builds up on those shoulders of ours.

They may manifest like red bricks; maybe more like gray cinder blocks.

They may manifest like light white feathers – but in a 2 ton container.

They may manifest like 2 x 4 wooden boards. Hey, they might be useful for the apartment.

Point is that it’s all weird.

And the weirdness is the only constant.

Whether ‘feathers’ or ‘bricks’, each load was built by you – the individual – the unique human, going through this odd biological world we live in.

The key is within you.

Well, at least that’s one of the takes.

Too hard, ain’t it sometimes?

What can you do…

You can listen to Golden Spike, while you’re at it.

Why not, right?

The gang in the band brings the subtle and light touch to folk and songwriting, just like they do in this particular song.

And we dig it. Glad we got to know them, a bit more.



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