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GOLDILOX Shares Single ‘I Love You’.

‘I Love You’ is the first single from GOLDILOX’ upcoming album ‘Very Best (out now). And it’s the cream on that decadent sundae. You don’t care about the calories. You don’t care, but want to ‘love’ this song.

It’s ok, buddy. Take a deep breath.

You can love this, and not feel guilty about it.

Just bob up and down.

Dance with your partner.

Kiss her.

Love her.

Let the inspiration take you there.

“Women had never been so strong and idolized during that period in music,” the France-based Goldilox explains. “And on top of it, the revolution was all about fun. ‘I Love You’ is all about the moment when someone tells you ‘I Love You,’ and time essentially stops…”


GOLDILOX has been doing her thang for a long while. First breaking out as KAY, and now as another project persona, Goldilox.

And dang it, we like her latest project, best of all. Her sensibility and focus for ‘Goldilox’ is pure, honest, and sultry. This Canadian pop artist is someone you should be into – for realz.

Can’t wait to see where she takes this from here, for sure.



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