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Goldsmoke – Someone Like You

GOLDSMOKE is a project of two brothers from Northern London UK. And they decided to go a different direction with their music production. Using more live instruments as much as possible, the duo has gone and opened up a whole different world. In the best tradition of Earth, Wind, And Fire, the music just flies off the shelf, and it sets itself in your basic core, with ease. It’s nostalgic, but modern. It’s obvious, but complex. The warm addition of ‘Someone Like You’ is a delicious kiss by your lover, in front of a lit fire, drinking till you’re all tipsy. It’s just a crowd pleaser with the distinction of GOLDSMOKE’s production. It’s the jam, and it’s glorious fun. Their upcoming EP is on it’s way early in 2019.

Nina Nesbitt – Colder

Trust is hard to get. Especially in a relationship. Well, to be precise, we’re talking about ‘deep trust’. And most of the time, one or both of the partners just mis-understand where they stand in the relationship. Heartaches happen in frequency. Hearts are broken, then there is repeat for the next agenda on the docket of life. There’s no way of pausing, for it’s how we humans are. In a sense, that’s what NINA NESBITT’s single ‘Colder’ is about. The incantation set in front of a budding love affair, clouds the eyes of the soul. Rationality covers for the irrationality in sync. We make do. We justify the mis-trust. Then all boils over. Nina’s vocals are delicious and in this single her little inflection make the experience richer and so very memorable.

Islandis – Our World

Sydney based ISLANDIS offers us ‘Our World’. The excitingly drizzly and sentimental abstracts from the song just make it a song of providential romance. The track is dipped in honey and it wants your heart – and it won’t let go. The project has only been formal for a short time, and in this 3rd single continues their road to electronic bliss. James Chave-Dubois and Ben McInerney makes up this dynamic musical duo, and the mix of multiple genres in their thoughtful and sured remarks on emotions of life and its becomings, we simply delight in their sonic masquerade.

Elina – Champion

“To me, ‘Champion’ is about fear” explains Elina. “Personally, when I get scared of losing someone or if I feel inadequate in a relationship – any relationship – I tend to disguise that fear with rejection. Sometimes even with anger. I think it’s a very easy-to-see-through attempt to hide that you’re hurt or vulnerable. “I’m scared of losing you” becomes “I don’t need you”. Strength is another facet or element for ELINA’s single ‘Champion’. The Ivor Novello nominated singer/songwriter from Sweden, captivates with nomadic ballads which gusts across the open vastness of seemingly being alone. So, from there your heart accepts the genesis. From within, ‘strength’ begins to thrive and bubble and ween away from dependance.

Skinny Living – I Still Love You

Front man Ryan Johnston stated about ‘I Still Love You’: “This song is nothing more than a love song, it was first written with the intent to say “I love you” but through the process of writing, it became a song reaching out through the pain and challenges of a testing relationship to attempt to put into words unconditional love. It shows a want for a moment of peace within the madness, a need for recognition that neither are getting any younger and a request to put the past aside. Not to forget it but to forgive it and attempt to restore some of the passion lost by dark times.” SKINNY LIVING announced their UK and Ireland headlining tour for March 2019. Let the voice soak in. Let love shield you and guid you.


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