Goldsmoke’s Single ‘I’m Not Looking’ From Upcoming EP ‘Late Intervention’. Perfect for Fridays. Or Anyday.

Guess we were weak this day. Or was it that the grooves on this song is just too juicy to ignore for any normal person? Probably more on the latter, don’t you think? Goldsmoke is a brother sibling duo project, built around the sensibilities of Tom and Nick Shirm, and if you are in ‘that’ mood, it can be a fab addition to that goal.

Oh, get your head out of the gutter. We didn’t mean ‘THAT’ goal.

Or did we?

It’s the flirting that translate, when seeking out the companionship of the other sex. It’s work. It’s a duty, if you’d like to succeed (or at least leave a good impression).

And ‘I’m Not Looking’ brings to the table – flirtatious soul groove, drizzling in modern pop-electro, demonstrating the goods, but not looking back.

See. She saw you ‘not’ looking back at her.


Taking cues from the best of soul and R&B, Goldsmoke continues their work in and around, contributing again to the slow dance machinations.


Just enjoyed. Just sayin’.

Buy [HERE]


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