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Gon von Zola – Concrete Heaven

It all comes from the extra shimmer from the keys in this latest single ‘Concrete Heaven’ from Gon von Zola. This is the 3rd installment of the project pushing the upcoming EP and Album. When the heavens meet the earth on this bi-atmospheric, this indie-rock drenched post-punk offering, keeps you on your toes as it dips into some nostalgia. It shivers with coming-of-age shout at the future, but never doubts what’s just in front of your face. Appreciation is its mating call. GVZ stated: “Concrete Heaven is a summer crush song. I met a girl and I imagined what it’s like spending more time with her, the things we’d say and do. The chorus is me making a statement about what it’s like living in a city like London, so she knows what she would get herself into.” Arguably the more complex of GVZ’s writings, the arrangement makes it delightful and unobtrusive to view and feel.

Daniel Cane – Falling In Reverse

Losing something that was very tangible just a moment ago, is traumatic. A feeling that was attached to another human being, that slips away in a moments thought and breath, can keep you awake at night. All of the goodness folds into the issues that have made it possible for this impasse to exist, will not dissipate without resolution. You know this. You know it’s the right thing to do. But it hurts. It hurts to even think about it. This 2nd single from DANIEL CANE is a darker vision for “what it is to fall out of love”, as the artist put it. Worn at the sleeves of this song, Daniel presents his own version of a time of confusion and anger. An anger, not for the other, but for what has become of the potential that was between the union of two souls who saw such a future. Daniel’s deliberate and descriptive vocals rises to the occasion to deliver on this single. Soaring, loving, understanding, no blames to go around – it’s a promise to move one, for both – a walk into a better world.

Noukko – Just there

Anouk Kool is NOUKKO. The Netherlands based artist is well, an artist. She frames and paints through her videos and song lyrics. She’s a particular charge of electrons, weaving through this life, picking leaves from the tree of life, for her collection of journal albums. And in her single ‘Just There’, that patronage to that sometimes hard to consume and ultra-personal declaration, comes through in spades. The calm of her presentation of being boxed-in, is in itself a freeing exercise. “I’m always surprised with ‘whatever happens’ has to offer me,” NOUKKO explained. “In the song I’m wondering why (in popular culture) this is never enough; things have to be processed and processed and processed by the best of every discipline until they are considered ready…I don’t believe in singer-songwriter as a genre. And it shouldn’t be a ‘rule’ that in every serious production the-best-of-the-best is actually required. So this is basically what the song is about: sometimes it’s right in front of you and it can be enough. All you have to do is notice it.” NOUKKO is her work of surprises and dynamic under-tones. And that’s plenty special.

The Dumes – Caught in the Middle

Love is blind. That’s for sure, ain’t it? Or do we just change as persons, personalities, desires, wants, ambitions as our relationship evolves? Hard question. But one thing’s for sure, this happens everyday, and THE DUMES’ vocalist Elodie Tomlinson surely know so. “‘Caught in the Middle’ came to me when I was really devastated after losing someone I would have done anything for, only to realize that they were an idiot.” This indie-rock offering from the Los Angeles based band, clicks with attributions that are sunny and effervescent, as the lyrics contrast to their finest. Elodie’s vocals makes the single what it is, as her handsome voice attenuations makes you feel glad for the future. No matter how your relationship has floundered, or gone awry. THE DUMES has your back. With a tinge of 80’s pop-rock danceability, ‘Caught In The Middle’ is the song of liberation, even if your heart is raw with emotions.

Yes We Mystic – Young Evil (Video)

YES WE MYSTIC does it again? Done what? Done good, that’s what. The unrelenting single ‘Young Evil’ which we’d called: “Bursting and popping with energy, the irascible vocals of Adam Fuhr, resonates to a culminating cacophony, delivering on a cinematic and expansive underpinning of sights..” And just as the single evokes such visceral urges, the accompanying video is perfectly interpreted to visual excellence. It transfers the lyric down to the fine lines of minds and its limitations. The song’s undeniable orchestral string support, to the diabolically delicious vocals, resonate in inviting destruction of the known, and the unknowable.

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