Gone Sugar Die ‘Don’t Kiss Me’ : It wafts through your veins and makes you feel good.

Gone Sugar Die

Patrick McWilliams and Mike Hindert makes songs that are so good. They are the principals of Gone Sugar Die, and in single ‘Don’t Kiss Me’, you dance and wail, and have so much fun doing so. With indie-rock make up, encased in a shimmer of new-wave antics, the injection of digital samples and loops, enhance the fabulously unique vocals and traditional instruments with absolute quality. And that trend continues with this single.

“Imagine Crystal Castles and The Weeknd, in the pit together, watching The Sex Pistols. GONE SUGAR DIE is a smart but explosive dark romance between synth punk and indie pop. It’s the kind of collision that can inspire ethereal transcendence or ignite a disco.”

Growing up in a small town Patrick was fascinated by the international scene coalescing around acts like The Killers, The Strokes, and The Bravery. So he wanted IN.

So there you have it, and as you inspect the surge of complexity (made to look easy) in ‘Don’t Kiss Me’, it wafts through your veins and makes you feel good.

And that, in our book, means the song speaks.



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