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Good Coffee // The Evening Empire // Rob Georg // Modern Violence // Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal

Good Coffee – Gold (feat. Morosis)

Cole Heathcott is GOOD COFFEE. Bedroom/dream-pop, seduced by the shining stars on the ceiling of that bounded and lonesome room, we all get to know as we grow older. But a room that we expand and escape, due to time and partly by circumstance. What will we to do after that episode in chapter has gone? Where will our ‘will’ for life flow from now? ‘Gold’ featuring Morosis is a one of those questions of commentary and narration, our inner slide presentations exact upon our very souls of ‘living’. But with all the angst and worry, we, in majority, come out alright at the end. Don’t we? Well, at least we can do our best. We feel that kind of emotional heaves through ‘Gold’ and GOOD COFFEE. Romantic, if you really think about it.

The Evening Empire – Last Dance

‘Last Dance’ is the quintessential beckoning for love and all its messy glory. When we first heard this single, we were immediately drifted away to a time when we were in that airline terminal, mid-summer, alone and lonely for the love that gotten away from a break up. With fresh scars and memories of her scent lingering on your very soul, we stood there thinking and mired. As we lined up for the ticket booth for the entry to the plane, we wondered, just like in a movie, will she change her mind. Will she fling herself up and hold, confessing her mistake? Will she take you back, among an appreciative group of fellow travelers? “Mr. Sanchez. Your boarding papers? Sir?” You’re snapped back to reality. THE EVENING EMPIRE is a beautiful and describing entity in story telling. Most importantly, the ’emotional-telling’ of the band is exquisite in its nature and downright poignancy. Alexander Frizzera heads this collective of talented musicians and artist.

Rob Georg – This Ain’t My First Rodeo

‘This Ain’t My First Rodeo’ is brought to you by bad-ass country rider, ROB GEORG. Nashville residing for a moment of his recording life was his promise to get things right with his music. With thumping country-rock in his vision and blood, the artist from Germany, makes his acclaim in the thicket of the country music Universe. His newest, co-written with Pat Alger, is not about the first time, but a message to drive 100% forward in life. Making things exciting and feeling new for anything that you do, will get to through to the end you might have wanted. That’s how Rob has been working his musical career, and it shows. Throughout 2019, he’ll be releasing new singles. In 2020, a new debut album is planned.

Modern Violence – Welcome Home

MODERN VIOLENCE is made up of Jesse Brantman (Fort Stories), John Shannon (wise river, LANNDS), Jeremy Blanton (Strangerwolf, Banquet), Mike VonBalson (Fort Stories, Shangrala) and newcomer Bobby Marino. Better than a typical emo-rock band, with decadent guitar works, melodies, built upon a solid base of alt-rock attitude, the end result is blazingly apparent. Honesty, as we always say, is the central point where great music starts to mold itself. In ‘Welcome Home’ that is the crux of the song writing, and everything else just falls into a fabulous pace. Demure, haunting, pained and retrospective, the song delineates the cause for what could be in the future. MODERN VIOLENCE is here to make the best out of that sentiment.

Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal – Love Song

With the gumption of a Lou Rawls, JOSH HOYER & SOUL COLOSSAL is here to stay. ‘Love Song’ profoundly caresses and is genuine with the deep vein of talent. “I wrote this song for my good friend and bandmate Benjamin Kushner. Last year he was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma and I was massively impressed by his strength of character and positivity facing the news. This song is a testimony to his character and dedicated to all our friends and family that have a loved one facing a potentially terminal illness…Focus on the positive today. Live your life like a love song.” Positivity is quite something to see interpreted in such quality. Good stuff. ‘Love Song’ is a single from the upcoming album ‘Do It Now’.


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