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The Be Good Tanyas – Waiting Around To Die

The Be Good Tanyas have been doing it their own way for over 15 years. But their music and taste, just doesn’t get sour. Their ‘Waiting Around To Die’ is a classic method bluegrass based tune. It’s about trials and tribulations of life, self sacrifice, and the future path to be taken.

It’s a fab song.

“Don’t touch me again, Harold.”

The Tuscaloosan heat entered the fray, laying down in the musty room like a sack of iron. Subsequently, the air was choked with mourning debt from the parties in discussion.

There was no way backward. There was no hiding.

“Was it you?” he asked.

No answer came to her lips. Quivering with fright, it seemed to freeze even more, with every vibration of its muscles.

“That can’t be, Monica… That just can’t be.”

They’re rep’ed by Nettwerk Music, based in Vancouver & Lost Angeles.

We love folk/bluegrass music.

This was first published many years prior, but sure retains its triumphs. The gals in TBGT are truly a gem, and can’t wait to see where they’re headed next.

Also, they’re doing other projects as well, so we’d recommend following them individually, as well.

We dig this, and you should too.


Frazey Ford
Samantha Parton


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