Good Things ‘A Wake’ : Refreshing glass of coolness and pop punk goodness

Good Things / Logo: Alex Kosik

Good Things tries to blend a few different genres, influenced by pop punk, hardcore, and elements of indie and alternative.

Cameron Sacchet, Matt Nilsen, Christopher Henriquez and Justin Triscari brings refreshing glass of coolness and pop punk goodness to Good Things. Like that Spring shower, delivering the fresh scent of air and water to the masses, the proper attitudes are demonstrated vigilantly by the gang of 4.

Pop punk never felt so different as in their latest single ‘A Wake’. A play on words, we wake to an elbow throw of reminders, as the band says to our hearts “Why aren’t you living your best?!” And you answer by saying, “Let’s rock the mic and dance till dawn.”

Said the band about ‘A Wake’, it: “tells a story of loss and handling it from an outside perspective… watching someone you love collapse and trying to hold them up.”

So, let’s get ‘er done. Let’s live, before it’s all over.



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