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Goodnight Moonshine’s New Singles Indicate Beautiful Folk Pop Visions To Come. Glad they are back.

‘Scientist’ and ‘I’m The Only One Who Will Tell You, You’re Bad’ are gems of honesty and self reflection. They are only the first two songs from Goodnight Moonshine’s upcoming new 14 song album, due to drop on June 1st. Molly’s vocals is as fab as their first LP in 2013, and their chemistry on this studio album is fresh.

Goodnight Moonshine is a project of Molly Venter and Eben Pariser.

Since their first start of the music careers, as it does for us all in life, things change. Things change, morph, evolve, grow, receed, plummet, depress. We either survive and get stronger, or whither and give up.

GNMS decided to write songs about it, and we’re all glad they continued.

The folk-pop duo is beautiful to listen to, with no strings attached pretentious-ness. Nothing but good folk and country, with a dash of pop. It’s gold to listen to.

We always tell others that CHF loves good folk music – contemporary or classic.

Coming across GNMS is a delight, that should last us a long time.

Anywho, we’re looking forward to their new album in June.

Kudos, Eben / Molly. Kudos.

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