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Google Pixel Buds: Could transform industries, Opening up markets, & Career opportunities


It’s too soon to say that this thing will perform great in real-world scenario, but we were wow’ed by Google’s Pixel Buds’ Real-Time language translation capabilities.

During today’s Google Products Presentation, they presented, Google Pixel Buds. It looks like an ordinary, nicely powered, wireless earphones. It certainly has the AI capabilities and Google Home assistant’s presence, remotely and confidently. But there was one thing that was eye-catching: the Language Translation application.

See, the Pixel Buds, have the ability to “listen” and in real-time “translate” the opposing language into the language of your choice. So, just like their demo today, one of the Execs spoke in Swedish, then the other presenter waited for the translation to happen (and vice versa) immediately through his Pixel Buds. Which meant that effectively (with just a slight delay) they were having a ‘normal’ conversation with each other.

Although, the presentation demo is scripted, the possibilities are huge. This can transform whole industries, opening up markets, opening up career opportunities, really shaping the future for commerce and human interactions, irrevocably and certainly.

The world borders will be a smaller fence to climb, in an ever integrated world economy (if anyone want to be over-dramatic).

Let’s see how they work out in the months to come.

The Pixel Buds start at $159, comes in 3 colors (in sync with Pixel 2 phones), and orders are being taken now.


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