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Goosebump Shares Single ‘Don’t Have The Heart For The Hustle’.

Being lost in translation, with yourself is a concern. The inner miscommunication is not something to have the right to feel good about. Racking your brain to find that ‘kernel’ of truth, to go on, to be energetic, is a constant effort for all of us. The motivation for life, family, friends, work – the list goes on and on.

Living through the haze of ‘want’, riddles of perfection on the other side promised.

Constitution fulfilled with ambulatory rationalism, indicted by your self righteousness.

It can crumble, at your feet, never can it be glued or re-constructed.

We sometimes give up.

It’s all about coming back for more. You can do it. Take a deep breath.

Take your time.

“‘Don’t Have the Heart for the Hustle’ is about the moment when you realize you’ve lost the will to push for something that you don’t believe in anymore and how that can get misconstrued by others as any number of things. The feeling is expressed as relief instead of negativity.”



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