GOP senator: “I wish Republicans had stood up to birtherism.” Never happened, unfortunately.

Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) in an interview broadcast Sunday (Aug. 6) said he wished the Republican Party had stood up to bitherism.

In the interview, Flake indicated that he did not agree with the “ugliness” of some of the conspiracy theories the GOP let fester in the news. When asked by Todd, whether he did “enough” to push back on the non-facts, he said “I think I did (stand up and push back)”.

Flake was on because of a book he’d recently published and is promoting.

And it’s by design because Flake has a tough re-election bid coming up in 2018, and he’s trying his best to run far before things heat up with his constituents. For he’s in a zombie zone at the moment, both the more moderate and the right Trump supporters don’t like him. The left don’t like him because of his association with the GOP party and their string of acts and messages. A percentage of the right don’t like him because of his late 2016 rejection of Trump’s position and stance.

To win, looks like he has to tread carefully to distance himself from the party and Trump, just enough for the more moderate middle voters (from both parties) support him.

He’ll be hit from ALL sides- friendly and enemy fire. Lets see if he can survive in 2018.



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