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Gorran // The Hubbards // Aaron Smith // John The Blind // Joey James

Gorran – I Don’t Love You Anymore

Gorran is a London based vocalist and songwriter whose music fuses elements of dance, pop, R&B and hip-hop. Gorran expanded: “Whether it’s sadness, joy, anger, nostalgia, fear – I just want them to feel something. I think that is what makes a great song and so that is what I will always aim to achieve.” ‘I Don’t Love You Anymore’ is a crumbling vision for what it ‘used to be’. A jealousy for the memories that lasts in the mind of self. A memory that needn’t be there. But it certainly does. Things change, and people change. But was it necessary to be this way? Clarity of vocals from Gorran is the height of all of his productions, and it pierces like a knife. Whether torn to pieces or uplifted with crying eyes, Gorran delivers with beauty in hand. See him next @ Bowling House, Norwich, Norfolk, October 18th.

The Hubbards – Seven or Eleven

THE HUBBARDS brings an off kilter and off the beaten path vibe in ‘Seven or Eleven’. Still vibrant and effervescent, the slow pop adjustment of indie-rock and pop, the band retains the origins of the band’s style with new shimmer and ambition. A song that was put in the back burner for a time (of not their choice), the song adds additional flavors to what the band can bring and deliver. The band is: Reuben Driver, Alex Green, Ronan Burns, and Joe Orlowski. The boys are ready for 2020, and you can see them next @ Band on the Wall, on February 21st in Manchester in the new year.

Aaron Smith – Better Man

Scottish singer songwriter Aaron Smith dropped his debut EP ‘Loveless’ (available now), and he compels. Movement of the heart is hard to do. In the nature of things, two strangers getting together, and connecting is hard to do. But it happens everyday, in various degrees of success and longevity. But what we all want at the end of it all, is a deeply enriching experience of being loved – giving love. The opportunity is what we desire. With each opportunity, we can start over – another chance to make it right. This time. With her. With him. Aaron’s vocals and lyrical prowess keeps it beautiful and urgent for those thoughts that are so relevant. His debut EP is the work of a bold, singular voice, one that wants to speak truths.

John The Blind – The Running

“People aren’t always upfront about the way they feel,” said John The Blind. “Love and sex would be a lot easier if everyone was transparent. ‘The Running’ is about what I was going through. The woman I was dating knew the whole time that it was never going to work out and kept me in the dark.” Multi-platinum songwriter/producer John The Blind has a lot to say through his music. “I didn’t feel like I was exercising my whole creative muscle,” he says of the years spent principally writing songs for other artists, and simultaneously penning what became John The Blind songs in the evening hours. “I still had stuff that I needed to get off my chest.” And all of that exists and is provided through his offerings, indeed. With mellow vibes and constructive allusions, ‘The Running’ is a personal story that can be you, us, all of us – at one time or another. The signs of a relationship on the wrong path was strong. But you gave it another chance, after chance. Let’s move on, for both of our sakes.

Joey James – Faling Apart

With ol’ school r&b/soul beats, Joey James’ single ‘Failing Apart’ is something to behold. You recognize it right away, but it’s Joey’s expressions that make it right. Cleveland-based R&B artist Joey James began gaining an audience through his YouTube page performing acoustic covers. In 2017 he would release his first single ‘Someone New’ worldwide. Following this release, he spent the next year crafting a 5 song EP titled ‘Minahal Ko’ which was released on February 15th, 2019. The soulful vocals from Joey is the comfort that we desire, even if we’d never thought we needed that kind of support. Infectious attitude, and lovingly constructed lyrics, make for a time to appreciate and love.


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