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GOST – Ritual

Having finished his recent U.S. in November, we can come back and reminisce a bit about Gost’s past works and say some stuff on one of his songs, ‘Ritual’ from 2014.

However, we have nothing to say about the song.


Because it just doesn’t need any ‘letters’ to describe the song and its vibe. It’s gritty, it’s nasty, and it kicks butt.

Oh, we did say something about it, didn’t we. Dang.

Here’s a summary from a SPIN magazine interview he did long ago:

“…GosT specializes in bridging extreme metal with the more synthetic tones of darkwave, dance, and classic horror soundtracks…[and] is sleek, energetic, and very catchy, propulsive enough to compel the stodgiest of underground metal fans to dance rather than mosh.”

Currently he’s rep’ed by Blood Music, in Florida. The weather must be nice.

Gost is a long standing tradition in this sub-segment, and we reckon he will be for many more years.

Looking forward to more offerings.



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