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Grace Aurelia Shares ‘Will You Fall Asleep With Me?’

GRACE AURELIA is the solo project of Auckland artist Rowan Pierce (Glass Vaults). His works in this pre-eminent exercise of decadent sounds from funk, electro, indie, pop and experimental, manages to capture the capsizing undertones in anger that we, as human beings, try so very much to tamp down and keep under control.

With unmitigated vocal spectrum, Rowan’s sense of decency and irrevocably decadent musical strokes, keep the best traditions of Junie Morrison, Elizabeth Fraser, Robert Smith, Mariah Carey, Prince, and Herbie Hancock at his side for reflection and admiration.

Vibrant in tone. Although never strained in execution. GRACE AURELIA is a promise of confidence, in an ever changing world. It thrives in the vastness of the Universe, while taking care of the petulance we all can fester.

The contrast is divine.

The danceable funk in ‘Will You Fall Asleep With Me?’ is scandalously eye opening.

Collaborations with Charlotte Forrester (Womb), drummer Cory Champion (Borrowed CS, Mara TK, Shocking Pinks), and Bevan Smith (The Ruby Suns) are in the new upcoming debut LP, ‘Vibrant Stranger’ (drop date TBA).



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