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Grace Gillespie // Callum Pitt // Talk Time // Freedom Fry // Cynister

Grace Gillespie – Human (Heart)

GRACE GILLESPIE has a purity in music that you want to get to know. ‘Human (Heart)’ is that fun thought at the back of you head that tells you that “This is it”. Grace’s un-tiring lyrics are gems. Simply that. The word exercise is a master class of talent and we just can’t get enough. The London based artist/producer has been charming audiences for a long while and with influences from folk, psyche, and dream-pop, she provides her own kind of canvas where nothing restricted. Her phenomenal vocal harmonies, playing off of ridiculously fab lyrics, you can’t help but have emotional investment and frivolity in dance. Watch out. She has many supporters including NME. Count us in, too.

Callum Pitt – Forgotten Kids

Newcastle upon Tyne (UK) based CALLUM PITT has the right amount of shimmer and heft of sanctity that just clings. The warm anticipation of his vocals, work well with the dynamic promise of his music presentation. Taking queues from the folk and rock world, the alt indie-folk artist does a refreshing take on mixing and jiving harmonies to evoke emotions that connects quite quickly and emphatically. In 2019, he’s slated to play festivals like The Great Escape, Deer Shed and This Is Tomorrow already, it will be another turning point for his musical ambitions. So far with 2 Million collective Spotify plays the’s set himself to satisfy even more fans to come. His debut EP is soon to drop.

Talk Time – Colors

TALK TIME has always been made for radio. Just worked out that way. The combination of pop and indie-rock attributions hit a balance that is undeniable to the shimmer seeking ear. But with each single, they produced a satisfactorily decadent sets of confounding and decadent hooks that simmer and invigorate. Los Angeles based, the band channel so many of the best traditions of music, and nothing’s changed in their single ‘Colors’. It never parts way with the aim of the band and it keeps adding to the strength of the radio friendly rock that can be of only TALK TIME. The impressive impression of the band, moves forward and with waves of accolades.

Freedom Fry – Candy

‘Candy’ is a track from FREEDOM FRY’s EP ‘Glory Days’. “This song is about being a relationship where one person is way more experienced than the other,” stated the band. “This was inspired by many things we grew up listening to – Early 2000s indie rock, 60s bubblegum, The Smiths.” And we totally agree at the charm of this single, as the rhythms and harmonies hook into the your inner visions. A tinge of Tom Petty comes alive in this single as well, with the fun single’s lyrics intertwine in magnificent and relaxed glory. The team of Marie Seyrat and Bruce Driscoll makes music that belongs in your rotation. We tend to agree.

Cynister – Stuck

Trapped by the sores of anxiety and sadness, CYNISTER’s single ‘Stuck’ is a diabolically thrusting addition to this Universe. With trap elements, coinciding with hard-rock attributions, the distinct attraction of this single is immediate and certain. Control of an otherwise fast paced world can be more than you can take. You have to get ahold of yourself. Don’t get destroyed by the nuance. You’re needed to be the normal you, and nothing can change that fact. Stated vocalist Cynnie: “Stuck is about how anxiety and sadness can feel like a trap, like prison walls closing in on you. Whether triggered by heartbreak or otherwise, racing thoughts and self-deprecating attitudes can be really difficult to control once they take ahold of you. This can be very destructive, and it’s something that many of us struggle with. With this song, our hope is for people to understand that they’re not alone in dealing with these emotions. We all go through it.”


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