Grace Gillespie ‘Empty In The Capital’ : Astounding charms and mystically personal arrangements, dreams, hopes.

Grace Gillespie

Tinted with the absolutely glorious methods, in ‘Empty In The Capital’ takes us on a journey of astounding charms and mystically personal arrangements, dreams, hopes.

Grace Gillespie is a London-based artist and producer originally from Devon, who spent much of 2017 touring as part of the live line-up for 4AD’s Pixx. Her first two singles found their way onto Spotify’s ‘Fresh Folk’ playlist and received extensive support from Apple Music, appearing on their ‘A-List’ and ‘Best of the Week’ playlists.

Grace’s sound takes influence from the folk, psych and dream-pop traditions, providing a backdrop to her intriguing vocal melodies, shifting harmonies and introspective lyricism, as heard on her new single “Empty In The Capital.”

She offers a purity in music that you want to get to know. Grace’s un-tiring lyrics are gems. Simply that. The word exercise is a master class of talent and you won’t be able to get enough.

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It is one week until this song is set free, out of my mind and into your ears! It’s a really big one for me I have to admit. It played a big part in the honesty I have spoken about in the past few days – the lyrics are really key for me. I tend to write sort of subconsciously ahead of how I feel. The song has a theme of acceptance: “it is what it is” opens each verse. This statement reflects something I couldn’t do at the time- I couldn’t accept the reality of my situation. I am much closer to that now, but what has changed is that I know that’s what I need to do – only from true acceptance of our situation can we begin to change. I didn’t realise this at the time, but I see it so clearly now! And that’s not to say it’s going to be easy to accept, But I will try, and that’s all I can do. • If you wanted to pre-save the track that would be great. A lot of work and thought and time and pain (!) has gone into it and I don’t really ask people to buy anything so this small gesture would just help me keep on keeping on – making music that I hope provides comfort and peace to some, in the same way that clearing it out of my mind brings comfort and small increments of peace to me. The link is in my bio 🤍 • I hope you are okay on this sunny Friday and if you are not then that’s okay too. I will be shuffling around in my 1 mile radius all weekend if anyone wants to chat. At least that thoroughly disqualifies me from going to Bournemouth tho 🤦🏻‍♀️ #newmusicfriday #acceptance #lyricstoliveby #lyricstolife #lyricart #lyricvideo #selfacceptance

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