Grace Sanders ‘Green’ : Radical, carefree attitude all while getting wrapped up in a cosmos.

Grace Sanders

‘Green’ kicks off quickly with the electro-psych-pop hook that is reprised throughout the track. The verses lay back to allow space for the smooth-flowing deliveries from Grace backed by the up-tempo drum beat, keys and then the welcomed rolling sub-bass lines.

Said Grace Sanders: “I wrote ‘Green’ after I had lost 3 jobs, my car broke down, my Dad had a heart attack, a friend had passed away only the month prior – I was just generally depressed, isolated and bored. I wanted it to capture the feeling of being alone in a room full of people, swamped by all the shit that’s going wrong in your life and yet unable to share those feelings with anyone around you.”

While working on new material that has taken her in a fresh direction, she has been found playing alongside emerging Perth artists including Grevious Bodily Calm, Tanaya Harper, Dulcie and Adrian Dzvuke.

Now, dripping with sass in this new single, Grace belts out her enchanting melodies that are entwined with her radical, carefree attitude all while getting wrapped up in a cosmos of dirty synths and psychedelic guitars.


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