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Grad Party – Speak

Grad Party’s Speak is a dynamic, thought-through pacification on the assault of life’s little, but non-the-less significant challenges. It’s yours. It’s ours. It’s all of our concerns, helping to dance away the pain, the angst, the profound reticence. Don’t get stopped by the hurt. We can work it out.

Just like the best tradition of bands like Yazoo, New Order, Visage – Grad Party is depth in using their musical talents to max effect. Grad Party doesn’t offer the often ‘we just wanna have fun’ kind of feel the 80’s powerhouse new wave bands did, but increases the ante with additional layers of feelings and story telling vehicles, in an effort to amplify our modern sensibilities. The rich inter-marrying of the disco guitar licks and the fiendishly delicious synth, is enough to get anyone into a heap of musical love-sweat.

Yes. Love-sweat.

It’s a term we just made up, and it describes the ‘interest’ and the ‘wide eyed fascination’ the song proved.

Being hungry goes both ways. We, as audience members want to be enlightened by new techniques and updated sensibilities by artists. And the artist, is hungry in trying to provide such services.

When that Venn Diagram meets and makes a sweet overlap – that’s worth something to think about, for sure.

The duo is made up of Ian Bowers and Carlo Ladd. They’re on the fast track to their success thresholds, for they had formed only in late 2016. Which in human years, is very very early and accelerated. The traction exists, for sure.

We obviously dig this song (lots) and the ‘Speak’ EP. Let’s see what comes of the upcoming 2018 EP offering (currently untitled). Will they depart and go bit more mainstream pop, or will be veering onto even more eclectic tastes (we hope it’s not entirely of the Former).

But we’ll have to wait, and see (And wait, we will).

Kudos, Ian/Carlo. Kudos on your hard fought outputs.

Grad Party is getting ready for a Full album offering, expected to be released sometime in 2018.



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