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Graduation // The Sometimes // The Kerosene Hours // Miro Shot // Tracy Irve

Graduation – A Split Second

Adam Piddington drives the notions of his project GRADUATION. With sparkling 90’s aesthetics, with synth that grabs ahold and finger snaps that is so very appropriate, the single delights with nostalgia and everything in between. Like the love of your life, you’d let go back in school, ‘A Split Second’ never lets go and made our hearts go a-flutter with feelz. Surface to surface, Adam’s vocals mount an assault for the basics in life and love. It’s something that is significant, and unremittingly poignant, in personal solace and a view into the far.

The Sometimes – Marijke

‘Marijke’ is about a girl named Marijke. “The Swedish girl I met on Tinder in Lisbon. She sums up my feelings of disappointment and disillusionment with all the things I fantasized about when I was younger (like romantic summer fling in Europe).” The nu-punk entry is the fantasy of being with a girl through Tinder in a foreign land like Lisbon, on a trip that was as Hollywood, as can be. We’ll never know how things went between the two, but with hard driving ‘ballads’ like this dedicated to ‘Marijke’, we’re pretty sure ALL the world’s gals named ‘Marijke’ has zero chances of resisting. Just dance like you just don’t care, yo! Fun song, indeed.

The Kerosene Hours – Too Afraid To Go Outside

What da hell?? Aaron Silverstein is THE KEROSENE HOURS. And if you’re kind of on the fence of being afraid of the future and the cultural changes that will ensue – then this single ‘Too Afraid To Go Outside’ is for you. Technology? Hell? Bad dreams? Driverless cars? Aaron agrees its a scary prospect for the future. No matter your socio-economic status. He asks: “I hope we’ll be alright. We can’t be so sure anymore.” For dang sure Aaron. You’re not the only one. But it’s the future of the future, so it’s hard to stop. We’re now just a mere sand grain taking a ride in the undertow of where the world will transform into. Off the grid?? Moms won’t let it happen. She’ll still call you at your most busiest time of the day.

Miro Shot – Boston Dynamic

London’s MIRO SHOT. Collective with the mostest. Most of what we don’t have. The cool that we seek. E’rr day. But just can’t seem to find. The world-music display of ‘Boston Dynamic’ is salted and seasoned with an uncannily catchy pop attention. And as it treks down the road less traveled, the collective drives home the vibes of beauty and honesty. Adam Curtis stated: “I’m really happy with the technique and look we’ve evolved for the project. It is about remix culture, collaboration, mixed media and tech.. Feeding stuff back into computers over and over until it starts meaning something else. The idea was to create something which illustrated the song’s themes of relationships mediated through technology. ‘Boston Dynamic’ is about online communities, gaming culture and being “committed to a cause”. It’s never perfect, but belonging comes with the good and the bad.

Tracy Irve – Games

TRACY IRVE is siblings Alexander and Linnea Herlogsson. And with just a slight nod to Chris Isaak, TRACY IRVE’s single ‘Game’ takes this time traversing exercise of hearts engaged in duals to new and higher heights. The Gothenburg Sweden based duo parries outstanding vocals from Linnea with the saltiness of the progression, solidifying a truth to action kind of anthemic offering. Wispy intensions mount from layer to layer, as Linnea’s sultry dowsing in moist verbal descriptions, cast a spell of magic from start to finish. The beautiful duo relies on nothing but the energies succumbed through the notes and varied relevance of their musical existence. And we expect even larger stages from them, as the year goes on.


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