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Song Of The Day! Graham Norwood Shares ‘Lazarus Avenue’. “His journey has just begun.”

Off of his debut EP ‘Sundry Songs’, this gem of a single ‘Lazarus Avenue’ is that indisputable struggle with the inner being of self and desires. Written in the expressions of GRAHAM NORWOOD’s spectrum of vocal rays, the single shines like a beacon, alone but strong as the storm approaches.

Song of the Day!

The singer/songwriter, drives certain specific aspects of emotions lathered by the silky promulgation of his dynamic guitar playing and beautifully constructed words upon words. The distinct artistic endeavor is, right away, noticeable as each bar of his single strikes at the nail, surging and surging.

Legally blind from birth, Graham and his work must be experienced (We invite you to visit his FB and Instagram accounts).

The veteran musician worked as producer for the likes of Bryan Scary, The Dough Rollers, Ward White, Cliff Westfall, he continues on as another facet of his layers, are revealed for the masses to harness and absorb.

In late 2019, he’s slated to drop his full-length album ‘Out Of The Sea’. And as we keep spinning his single (and his other single) through our speakers, we dwell on the possibility that we could be witnessing a break out mega-star, very soon.

His journey has just begun.

And for us listeners, our journey has also just begun, following and admiring his body of work as they arrive.

We’re fans and we can’t wait to cover Graham, more and more, as his vocal honesty is too palpable and meaningful to be ignored.



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