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Grammar – Dr. Doctor

Grammar is a band that is in the tightest of story telling traditions. And they are very talented in doing it so. Innovative in use of the tools they are afforded, Grammar’s Dr. Doctor is that example of such works.

The song beckons you to trace the lyrics, and follow into that wormhole.

It’s an odd thing, really.

But the story is introduced, characters developed, and the landscape is explained – all in one.

The odd (but wonderful) use of nu hip-hop/r&b sensibilities and arrangement, just is very ‘ironic’ and ‘tragic’, when looked at the whole fo the story in ‘Dr. Doctor’.

Marc’s vocals and usual intertwining with fellow vocalist, Laura, just heightens the fantasy, drizzling the aches felt down that tower.

“I can’t do it.”

“What are you talking about? You have to do it. You’ve signed.”

“I can’t. I just can’t”

“You’re nervous and I understand. Sometimes it’s like that,” Ronald exclaimed. “But it’s your duty.”

Philip haunched down on the wooden high-school chair, which creaked with his every small muscle twitches.

Looking up at Ronald, Philip explained.

“My heart can’t take it. She’s all I’ve got.”

“Let her go.” Ronald gently supported. “Let her go.”

This song comes from their recently dropped (November 16, 2017) EP ‘Later Later Later’, which has 5 unique takes on several distinct subjects. The overall resonance, just like in ‘Dr.Doctor’ is light and absorbable.

But each has a ‘heavier’ undertone, which makes the songs, readily edible and ‘re-listen-able’.

Kudos, gang in Grammar. Kudos.

We dig it.



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