Grammercy ‘Never Retreat’ : Beautifully produced, lovingly sung, and manically nuanced. All the right moves.


It’s easy to mess things up. Especially in the genre of r&b/soul, where superstars had once tread and dominated. But with ‘Never Retreat’, the essence and technical beauty of the song, bursts with the same ooey-gooey vision of that genre, to a tee. A beautifully produced, lovingly sung, and manically nuanced, ‘Never Retreat’ delivers in all the right ways.

Grammercy is a collaboration between producer Elliott Kozel (Velvet Negroni, Tickle Torture, Lizzo) and Los Angeles based musician and vocalist Robbie Arnett (Milo Greene).

“This project is very special to me in that I haven’t often had the music come so easy,” said Elliott. “Maybe that’s why It’s easy listening music. Special thanks to Juice Schuster for the bass work, Chris Dunn for the drums, Jens Bjørnkjær for the sax, and Stephen Kaye for the tasty mix.”

Through and through, the duo makes good with this succulent effervescence, crossing the vibes of Sade, Peabo Bryson, and Janet Jackson. With the touch of vaporwave and synth modernism, the single shutters in ecstasy, without even trying.



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