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Grand Am Shares ‘Nobody Should Know’. Unplug Yourself.

Confusion of doubts, is the place we all live in. There can be certainty in doubting. But that doesn’t necessarily help in getting the kind of answers we seek. Whether it’s ‘certain’ or not, we still can be confused, alone, and afraid.

Unplugging is one step.

Unplug yourself from the information streaming to your brain. With the kind of routine of ‘everyday’ we get used to ‘something’ being ‘on’. The white noise is unbearable, if noticed.

Wake up, and don’t turn on your cell phone. Listen to the birds outside. Listen to the early morning silence and calm.

Unplug yourself.

Let’s start over.

“These days are clouded in mystery. Full of questions I don’t understand. Hollywood’s trying to get to me. Turn off the screen, clean off your hands.” – Grand Am


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