Grand Canyon Shares Impeccable Beauty In ‘Shangri-La La Land’.

Impeccable beauty is presented in ‘Shangri-La La Land’ by GRAND CANYON. As the winds drift across the plains of your heart, there was a sparkle of hope, that caressed your dreams. And when you awoke, there they were – singing for the sake of you.

Fronted by singer/songwriter/guitarist Casey Shea and vocalist Amy Wilcox, the 6 piece band is just too delicious to pass in any regard. And it’s even harder, when the strolling Roy Orbison-like charms drench your psyche, as a touch of David Grey-esque harmony hangs with juicy delight.

The individual artists that make up GRAND CANYON have sold a combine more than a million records, ‘toured around the world, delivered their talents on entertainment and TV shows’.

And when you listen to to ‘Shangri-La La Land’, the flow of that excellence comes alive, as it grips tightly to that yearning. The word ‘timeless’ comes to mind and as the band heaves unforeseen singles rooted from the classic sounds of the 70’s, it is something out of a fairy tale of rock-ness.

‘Shangri La-La’ land is one of our favorites, for it evokes a deep indie-folk sensibility with built in story line that hints at a fascinatingly ardent decadence of love and possibilities.

Then the Mariachi grace of the trumpet enters, and then you’re floored.

There’s just so much going on in this song. But it all fits so well.


Are you having a bad day? This song will cheer you up, in its own distinctive way, as the mahogany tinted reality will cast that calming and soothing shade of truth.

Get in.

It’s beautiful here in GRAND CANYON land.

Have a look-see in their new album ‘Le Grand Cañon’, available now.


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