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Grand Nathaniel // Harlequin Gold // O Future // Taught Abroad // The Great Fuss

Grand Nathaniel – Half Moon

With a music career that spans more than 20 years, J Burton’s project GRAND NATHANIEL, is a mix of genres that all focus to touch with the golden light. Taking queues from the country-pop and soft-rock sentiments, ‘Half Moon’ delves into describing self distance and compulsion to deviate from the true feelings of one’s own heart. The mysteries collide with the external realities and of the internal imaginations – thwarting and parrying – concentrating but never obfuscating. A cauldron of confusion that, at the end of the day, balances in oddity. What a life we live, eh? GRAND NATHANIEL started in the 90’s and still pulls out songs that connect without fear. J, continues on.

Harlequin Gold – I Was Your Girl

Elle and Avery O’Brien are HARLEQUIN GOLD. Elle stated: “’I Was Your Girl’ is about going through the motions of trying to love someone before you are ready to. The past scars haven’t healed and you aren’t ready to open up but there’s a perfect person standing in front of you asking for you to fall.” The first single from their beautiful debut EP (drops summer). The combination and the wherewithal of their talents for arranging the seemingly nonchalant and chill notes, with the ending seriousness issues of the broken heart, tells you volumes. Love is a fickle thing. The environment does many strange things to even the most pure of intentions. But HARLEQUIN GOLD wants us to remember that very fact and face it head on. For love HAS to happen again. It might as well happen now. Let’s go together with them.

O Future – Telephone

The slayer of men. The occupier of hearts. O FUTURE’s single ‘Telephone’ is a killing blow to the previous notion of what a song of ecstasy and frightful delight can be. “Literally this is a song about not having enough friends,” said the duo, Katherine Mills Rymer and Jens Bjornkjaer, “hating phone calls and lying down on heavy carpets. The only good and spicy phone call, is one from a new lover, an old lover, a crush or your best friend or maybe when you find out you inherited you dream house. No one calls. Except the ones which say ‘ You been selected.. and you have won..” O FUTURE is the sculpture that you’d been waiting for for your post-modern style den. Evocative, eviscerating, delicious, and just out of this world…fabulous.

Taught Abroad – Blended Learning

Off of the album ‘Native’, TAUGHT ABROAD’s single ‘Blended Learning’ thrives as it hashes out the dance moves of your dreams. The EP is the 2nd of two EPS that “paint a contrasting introspective of the ‘light’ and ‘dark’ sides of love and self worth”, said TAUGHT ABROAD. “Starting with the ‘dark’ side of polarity, the Foreigner EP served as a raw and unadulterated view into the human psyche and our disposition to consistently doubt ourselves.” Chicago Illinois based outfit is a delectable aggression to your psyche and it doesn’t apologize about anything that’s been done to you. It lobotomizes to improve your musical senses, dipping deep into funk, pop, and soul. If this is what getting your head fixed, then more should be lobotomized in that effort. Fun, funky, significant – ‘Blended Learning’ is a learning chance for all of us, as it is in the best traditions of artists like Prince, it succeeds at great levels.

The Great Fuss – Route To Misery

THE GREAT FUSS is a rock n’ roll outfit with that shines in the premise of this world. ‘Route To Misery’ is a “mishmash of heavier lyrical content with a more upbeat melodic sensibility. THE GREAT FUSS added: “Kind of like a spoon of sugar to help the medicine go down. Though there isn’t necessarily anything therapeutic about the lyrics. It explores the role of exhaustion, trauma and sloth in the development of ignorance.” Varied and multi-talented, the outfit based out of Saskatoon, carries with them a sense of the unique and interesting, through out the musical process. Pete Oldridge Chris Valleau, Erik Sample and Katherine Jones, make up this band at the moment and the varied talents gather together to make things fabulous for their audience. Fun at every turn. Word.


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