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Grand Pine Shares ‘Heart’. “The first, and next for acceptance.”

GRAND PINE’s single ‘Heart’ is a disposition for the disheveled sliver of time when she was gone, and you’re emotions ran with confusion and discontent. Of loss, you deem it petulant and foolhardy to even offer up the defeat. But that’s the key to a resetting of circumstances – where no negotiations will ever be accepted nor diplomatic.

The betrayed – or the perception of what’s been taken away – is an Everest mountain to climb. It is an almost impossible turn of the heart. It is something that can, maybe, never be able to ‘open up’ again.

‘Heart’ is about you – us – all of the human collection of pride and mischief; misunderstandings and grudges. They culminate our destruction, in the local and in the international. There seems to be a trend in what we as thinking and feeling animals can achieve.

But sometimes we can be exceptional.

Guy Perkins, Mike Ridely, Connor Black-Harry, Pelaya Arapakis and Emma Hobbs plays with the acceptance that there is and will be a chance that things can always turn around.

‘Heart’ is the first step in acceptance.

See them next at Smith’s Alternative in Canberra on September 12th.



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