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Grand Vapids – Disjecta

Athens Georgia born a band named GRAND VAPIDS just a fist full of years ago. And in the times from its start the new-age post-psyche rock band bops and delivers the unhinged and sensibly sane gradations into stories of the sublime. Now, they return with a full length album named ‘Eat The Shadow’ due to drop on July 12th. The 9 track album is a follow up to their 2015 debut, ‘Guarantees’. In ‘Disjecta’ the story is of lovers who live together doing their best to rediscover their ‘respective identities’. The world is trying to consume you and that dims the lights of existence. In line with the theme, there are the single ‘Shallow’, ‘Creature Strain’ and ‘Drowning’ that helps in keeping the cracking walls from collapsing to kingdom come, within the new album. “The story of the album title Eat the Shadow comes from a sibylline moment I experienced shortly after my brother died,” stated guitarist and lead singer Austin Harris. “I was sitting in a cafe in Atlanta on my way to volunteer for a summer at an intentional community. I was there eating lunch alone and an older gentleman stared into me and just said: ‘I can see your sadness and you have to eat the shadow.’ It was a powerful moment that has stuck with me…” The music video conveys the confusion and arms length disaffection that such a relational challenge can provide. It’s a dang good song.

Gallery Circus – We Are The Sunshine

Off of the new upcoming new EP ‘The Night Country’ (May 31st), GALLERY CIRCUS’ distinct lyrical humor and angles toward irony, plays exquisitely with the wall of stadium-like rock that culminates at the corner of ‘rapture’ and ‘delicious’. The new single ‘We are The Sunshine’ signals a death of the sanity that is evident but so very happy to be out of that box of rain. A combination of elements that take best of tradition of Guns And Roses with the poetic dreams of a dancey Pink Floyd vibe, the duo takes rock into a ever evolving explosion of ecstasy. And that’s where the band comes to full tilt, as the combination of modern pop-rock mingles effortlessly for all to enjoy and familiarize. It’s a beautifully and classically constructed tune and we dig it to bits. May we have another?? Yes, please.

Sambassadeur – Kors

SAMBASSADEUR was back with the 4th album ‘Survival’ (available now). Their single ‘Foot of Afrikka’ was deemed our ‘Song of the Day’ and we’d stated: “After a 7+ years of hiatus, the beloved band from Sweden starts where they’d paused, with spread of warmth and idilic lyrical goodness.” Well, here’s another one from that album and ‘Kors’ is a sunshine of sunshines, displaying rays of shimmer back down to earth where mere mortals can appreciate. “The song was recorded during a morning in Solna, we had missed sending the song in advance, so no one had heard it when we started but it went well anyway. Half the album is recorded in Stockholm, always great to get away for a while. To “get away” and that people have different ways of doing that is sort of what this song is about.” SAMBASSADEUR was formed in 2003 and has been shining, ever since and Gothenburg proud.

FERGUS – Zelda Mae

Textured and drenched in the bliss, the tragedy of love reveals its struggles for recognition in FERGUS’ gorgeous single ‘Zelda Mae’. With lyrical intersecting in shimmer and sentiments that capture in full embrace, FERGUS, takes your heart of hearts in empathetic insinuations. In gesture. In pieces. In undeniably institutionalized in the facts of the subjective list of emotions. “Zelda Mae is about giving up on someone and, in doing so, finally breaking out from under their spell. Waking up from a trance and realising what you were putting yourself through, and everything that cost. Giving up can be the hardest thing to do and Zelda Mae is a release of months of hurt and sheer frustration; it’s triumphant in its sadness – a silver lining on an overcast day.” Told you. Gorgeous. FERGUS will release more throughout 2019, while performing in intimate live shows, including the Cornbury Music festival in July.

Annie Bacon & her OSHEN ft. Eight Belles – Gallatin Pike

Of places and of things, she loves humans more. ANNIE BACON & HER OSHEN on ‘Gallatin Pike’ is supple in folk grit, with colorful descriptions of normality and struggles, all reflected off of broken glass of hindsight and the future of things that might. It’s a heart wrenching offering in a sense, as it dives deep with classic bluegrass accompaniments, which combine to drive the wholesome degradation of the hurt and the lustful. Together in arms, Annie takes it again, to another notch, as her Stevie Nicks like penetrating vocals, dilate the formations of clouds, and mists that surround our sonic visions. Michigan based, San Francisco prior, and originally from Main, Annie Bacon is a beautiful singer and teller of stories. ‘Nothing Stays The Same’ is the upcoming new album, soon to drop. In it, she explores subjects of “heartbreak, change, mental health, and dissolution of ego while returning to her original intent as an artist…” Lovely stuff, don’t you agree?


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