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Grandma Shares ‘Downtown Life’. “Define and re-define what he’s happy constructing.”

Courtney Coles

GRANDMA is Atlanta’s shining example of up and coming acts that just excites. And in ‘Downtown Life’, the artist wants the world to know that: “We are at our most self-destructive both in how we treat ourselves and how we treat the planet. Regardless, it is absolutely the most exciting time to be alive.”

With gumption and absolute talent, GRANDMA switches from genre to genre, to tell his stories. And not the other way around.

Not fixated by frames of limitation, the artist easily bleeds into realms, all tied neatly and majestically by his soulful vocals and vibrating subtleties.

GRANDMA’s been on the stage, performing since his age of nine. Music has been a tradition in his family, so it was like swimming in familiar waters. He does all of the aspects of making a song and publishing it.

He is insistent in his music.

And through his multitude of attitudes for and of music, he’s able to define and re-define what he’s happy constructing.

That’s what you feel and see in his music.

Thank goodness for that, eh?



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