Grant Carey x Sandwoman ‘Real Again’ (Video) : Delicate story telling. Joy and affection.

Real Again

Take a trip into the fantastical world of Total Wilderness where a thoughtful unicorn might pass you a flask through the TV, where local legend has it that the alien hiding in the woods is actually a really good modern dancer, where puppets are just like us & sometimes need to unwind with a well-rolled joint.

Director Charlotte Kennett (Psycho Baby, Chapstick) helms the colorful and playful mini series. Other songs in the series include ‘Totally Beginning’, ‘It’s All Alive’ and the eponymous closing track ‘Total Wilderness’. Distinct but interconnected, the mini videos range from 45 seconds to just under 2 minutes and serve as a window into the strange & fantastical world of the album.

“It’s always an honor to work with musicians and bands that you already really love,” Charlotte Kennett shared. “I felt connected to ‘Total Wilderness’ immediately. I had an energetic pull to all the stories it could and does tell. Each video has a different stand-alone emotional experience for the viewer but then when you step back and look at all four videos: they feel interconnected. My goal was to help Grant Carey and Sandwoman expand and share their already other-worldly and magical aesthetic. The best thing that came out of our creative process: friendship.”

We’d said of the collab: “A poetic renaissance, of vibes and remembrance, that deliciously douse your senses with unfaltering clarity and beauty. The surrounding voices of charm and dignity, combine to blare out what you are and are not, within this world of decadence and strife. A relocation of emotions, temporarily settled in the side track of that criss-crossing ember of trails in doubts and self-admonishment.”

There is joy and affection that are dutifully approached by the projection. Sorrows deliberate of pain, resonates in their story telling, fantasizing about the goodness that will come, from our most sinful and from our hurried hearts.

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'greenhouse' is out now 🌵 took a trip out to the desert with @_sandwoman in early March, just a couple weeks before lockdown. traffic was bad back then. the sun set behind us as we slowly drove out of LA. The place we were staying in had this rly old silvertone acoustic guitar – even simple chords sounded like a revelation. if you've been to the desert you know: the quiet is arresting, the stars are fckin insane. felt like such a gift to be out there and feel alone with the universe for a couple nights. One night I was lying on the ground next to the campfire, playing guitar & looking at the stars like an absolute CLICHE of myself. was thinking about the earth and my friends & family and chrissy. I felt really grateful for this life & my connection to those I love. started writing this song in that moment, but honestly it didn't really feel like I was writing it, it felt like the sky was communicating to me! yes I had had a few beers at this point! anyways, happy to bring this chill slice of desert solitude and peace to your ears today. give it a listen & consider 'liking', sharing, adding to your playlists. ❤️ you all

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