Grant Swift ‘Fear (In the Time of Corona)’ : Love is where he wants to dedicate to those concerned and in the fight.

Grant Swift

“There was a lot of fear and dread, and I had many experiences during the time that amplified those feelings, so I wrote this song about ‘fear’,” said Grant Swift. “However, I was also inspired by the numerous examples of love and compassion I found around me, often from total strangers…”

NYC native Grant Swift and his music is uncanny but warm, inspired by an eclectic mix of 60’s pop and R&B, jazz standards, 90’s alternative, and the choral, baroque and classical music he was trained in as a boy. Impose Magazine said it “brilliantly recreates a modern mashup sound,” and The Huffington Post called his previous musical duo project The Candy Apples, one of “5 Must-See Indie Summer Concerts in NYC” in 2014.

His solo debut album is to be released independently in 2020 sometime after COVID-19 concerns have diminished.

Love is where he wants to dedicate to those concerned and in the fight.

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Shot in NYC Parks with total strangers… If you had asked my COVID-recovering self back in late March how I felt seeing the face masks that were just starting to appear in NYC, I would have said something bleak. I had been through two weeks of relentless fever and fatigue, my self-employed work had completely vanished, news feeds were stoking new fears every day, store shelves were being emptied, and friends and clients alike were fleeing NYC by the dozens. The sudden ubiquity of medical-grade masks on anyone who dared to venture outside seemed a skittish collective reflex, as if we were ushering ourselves into a dystopian future where we should become bionic. This new paradigm of ‘Isolation’ would render our facial muscles and mirror neurons obsolete. So, let us block their transmission with PPE… But of course, I was wrong. And there was love and compassion all around me. I wrote a couple songs about this. And I put my cautious optimism to the test by making a music video, consisting almost entirely of strangers, asking them to let me take a video portrait of them with masks on, but smiling. The results touched my heart. I hope they touch yours as well. Special shoutout and thanks to @iamlisastefani and biffsavvage who are featured in the video. You can see the whole video now on YouTube. Just click the link in my Instagram Bio, or go to my website,

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