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Grant Zubritsky // DeAndre // Zion Mesha // Jakekai // Tahj Ace

Grant Zubritsky (feat. Kahiem Rivera) – #activism

‘#activism’ is the experimental song of attitude by Grant Zubritsky. A collaboration with Kahiem Rivera, the two delve into something vibe, with an extension of horizons for Grant’s electronic background. And when you listen to it, you can feel the difference, as the two worlds of electronica and rap merge into a seamless dance. The atmosphere is subtle, but the lyrics by Kahiem elevates the song to a surprising, and fantastic level. The strong delivery, substantive lyrics, uniqueness of Kahiem’s vocals, the single kicks you a new one. And doesn’t that feel good, though? Word.

DeAndre – Heart

Boston based DeAndre comes at us with a cool entanglement in ‘Heart’. It is the debut single from his latest project ‘Lost In The Details’. Working in the public sphere since 2010, the influencer and up and coming artist found his ‘SubCulture Records to really push his musical agenda, along with his other artists. DeAndre takes inspiration form Kanye, J. Cole, Frank Ocean, and keeps the house of cool in multi-chill mode, as his music hits with a subtle but dynamic thunder. “I want people to know all of me when it’s all said and done.” – DeAndre.

Zion Mesha – I Found My Smile

“This was my cure for depression,” stated ZION MESHA. The spoken word extravaganza named ‘I Found My Smile’ works at our deepest embedded trepidations. It is the positive vibes when you needed it most. Love is music, and honesty can come with the territory – will it make you smile? It sure does for us. And as we smile and become lifted, once more, our perspectives improve, showing once unknown speculations, style, gumption, direction. Simple as that. The smooth vocals of Zion, keeps the flow, as we’re swept up and gently caressed. Up right on that cloud of ecstasy, we have some after day drinks with Zion. He’s chill. Just like his fab song.

Jakekai – Rockstar

Rolling with the top down, in downtown Los Angeles, the evening becomes darker, opaque, in convergence with our own moods. We’re not alright. We know we’re not alright. Your friends ask if you’ve been missing her. You answer that you had. “Snap out of it!” they tell you, as the night’s warm air continues to brush your hair, down the shimmering boulevard. It’s a dream you tell yourself. A nasty but real dream. JAKEKAI’s a New Jersey artist with the skills to keep you arranged; and demanding more from his music. The punchy and under-toned vocals, dance with his lyrics, while the soundscape delivers a painting of hearts forgiven, hearts disillusioned. Lost, but ‘Rockstar’ helps you regain yourself once more. Look for the music video soon.

Tahj Ace – Welcome

TAHJ ACE’s attitude in his music is something else. Light, airy, but poignant, while exuding confidence and bravado, with a pinch of sarcasm to boot. The hiphop artist with that ‘something’ hits the airwaves, with inspiration from his idols of the past. ‘Welcome’ works as Tahj does, with the immaculate production, with DIY fashion, all tied up into a neat and tidy package of installments, delight, entertainment, and striking mission. The music calls him to a higher plain. The actor/rapper is a natural on film. His journey continues, as the world turns.


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