Grapell – Heartbreaker

There are surprises and pleasant surprises. Grapell’s Heartbreaker is one of those surprises. The song is like the ‘gift’ you get when at the end of that caramel candy – when it’s time to chew that melting, remaining bit. So satisfying. So conscious. So introspective. So good.

Yep. It’s a fantastic song. Serene mind-scapes, interpreted through Emil Erstrand’s gently weeping vocals, the song is the hair stroking one receives from a girl-friend or boy-friend.

The small signal of closeness through intimate gestures and bonding.

It’s unforgettable when one cares for another. Human beings are animals after all, and needy organisms reflect affection and love, through such grooming.

Yep. We signal through such loving touches.

Can’t help it.

Gentle light touch by our elbows, when eating. Subconscious knee touching during class. Adjusting of the collar, when going out the door.

The lovingly packed lunch, before the work day starts.

Heartbreaker is that touch. That love. That everyday, seemingly mundane stroking of one’s partner’s hair.

Grapell has been entertaining throughout Sweden for a while, and we can’t wait until their first full length album, Crier, drops in November this year.

They’re rep’ed by Roll Call Records and Strangers Candy.

Kudos, Emil and Nils. Kudos.


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