Graywave ‘Before’ : Galactic intransigence with fiery fervor and diptych personalities.


Something of a colliding meteor, Graywave’s sonic waves, bloom through the galactic intransigence with fiery fervor and diptych personalities. ‘Before’ is the second single to be released off of her upcoming debut EP ‘Planetary Shift’.

‘Before’ is the final track on the EP and sets a dark, moody, dramatic ending to a collection of songs which explore a contrast between light and dark. And it tackles the subject of “anxiety and the feeling of regression”.

Said Graywave: “It is about the realisation that you cannot always escape negative feelings and events. This song was a way to express how I feel when I get particularly anxious and start thinking about all the negatives in my life and the world – expressing that through lyrics and music really helped me deal with it.”

Graywave is the solo musical venture of multi-disciplined artist Jess Webberley.


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