Grease Weasel ‘Chicxulub, the Conspiracy’ : The Universe will speak. We must listen before it’s too late.

Grease Weasel

“This song is about Chicxulub, the name given to the crater that was made when the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs hit Earth,” said Grease Weasel. “It’s from the perspective of a dinosaur that somehow lived through the extinction event, and begins to question whether the asteroid was a natural occurrence, or if the asteroid was a conspiracy. A contrived conspiracy that a bunch of scummy dinosaur politicians pushing a New World Order were behind…..”


Imaginative. Current events relevant. The horizon of story telling by Grease Weasel is sophistication to the hilt. There is an angle for ‘will for good’ within this small part of the universe.

Expertly jazzy, and arranged, ‘Chicxulub, the Conspiracy’ is a wish on us, humanity, of maybe better things to come. As our societies will inevitably go through cycles of destruction, we can all take some solace that, other forces can add to that vibe.

Maybe you can say, we all deserve it, to a degree.


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