Grease Weasel ‘Last Night Wasn’t Fun’ : A mix of contrasts, dangling by a thread is what most of us become in living. Just the way it is.

Grease Weasel

“This song is about the night before my 21st birthday. Normally, a pretty celebrated night, but it had been a rough couple days. Within the span of a week, my girlfriend of 2 years broke up with me, I got fired from my bartending job from Chili’s…yes…Chili’s…I got fired from Chili’s, lost my phone (the night that I’m singing about), threw up in a good friend’s shower (we’re still friends thankfully)…and yeah. But anyways, I did what I usually do to cope with shit like this, and wrote a happy sounding tune and tried to laugh it off…”

We’ve said of Grease Weasel: “Imaginative. Current events relevant. The horizon of story telling by Grease Weasel is sophistication to the hilt. There is an angle for ‘will for good’ within this small part of the universe.”

Still true. Till this day.

Dig through the Alpine sized cynicisms, Grease Weasel works and writes about the things that we come to worry and angst about in life. Small things seem large, and vice verse. We’re dumb and smart at time. We’re weird and charming, at time, too.

A mix of contrasts, dangling by a thread is what most of us become in living.

As philosophers, Run DMC once said: “That’s just the way it is… Huh!”


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