Great White Tiger ‘Woodstock’ : Glam-tastic rock n’ roll revelry and attitude to rock your world, over and over.

Great White Tiger

Great bands are abound from the land of ATX (Austin). Entertainment central where live music is king and adored by so many, for any genre you’d like. And this time around a band named Great White Tiger surges again with their single ‘Woodstock’ to make claim to that title once more.

The modern rock band with overdriven riffs brings natural energy that is infused into every song they perform. GWT’s sound is everything surrounding the guitar in the 80’s brought into the new century, with ground shaking anthems, glam-tastic rock n’ roll revelry and attitude to rock your world, over and over.

Consisting of a guitarist trained in strictly metal for nearly a decade, a drummer trained in jazz for just as long, a self taught bass player for a little less time than that, and an EDM artist that found out he could sing the day he met the others – Great White Tiger are four UT sophomores that have the energy of Mötley Crüe, Guns N’ Roses, and A$AP mob, rolled into one.

An excitement that is modern and live-tastic, through and through.

The 4 piece is just getting started. Let’s all have some fun.


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