GREGORY DILLON Shares ‘Alone with You’.

I’d seen you in that drenched coat, through the meeting, looking beautiful. I’d fallen in love with you, instantly. Why was I like that? I’m sure you had the same kind of reaction from any other out there. Your dark and brunette locks, were captivating. Over your hazel eyes, with perfectly framed with freckles from the angels. Your doe eyes were enveloping my heart, every beat, every second of that moment in time.

We touched, every slowly, wanting more and more of each other.

Would we meet each other again?

In my heat and memories, we shall.

We don’t feature songs like Dillon’s ‘Alone With You’, because it’s very much on the more far end of the Electro-Pop side of things. But as we sometimes do, we bleed other categories. And this time it’s the compelling electro ballad from Dillon that is very cool to listen to, and ‘loving’ to the musical touch.

It’s a fab song.



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