Greyview ‘Where Were You?’ : A tone of regret, anger, angst for the future, dances at the edges.

Greyview / Photo: Tyler Gravitt

The grievance is strong in Greyview’s wholistic dive into a portion of his life that wasn’t quite what he’d planned.

“I wrote this song after a bad divorce,” said Greyview. “We were both 22, dating since we were 15, married young, and I found out she was having an affair. During the time of the affair, she began acting like a completely different person. She would always be home late from work, and as soon as she came home, she’d start an argument.”

‘Where Were You?’ is a story that is personal but uncommonly common in a world where even the most intimate can sail by, like two ships in the ocean. Large and in charge when looking at its majestic hull, a grand ship of multi-decked opulence, can only give you that feeling of awe and inspiration. Just like love can. But from a Universal view, a grand ship is just a small sand grain in this vastness. It’s just one, of many that can or cannot any longer be a part an individual’s acceptance.

Greyview’s heart-ful dig into the memories, no matter how hurtful and caustic, radiates with honesty. A tone of regret, anger, angst for the future, dances at the edges of the song’s indie form. A form that enables Greyview to look – maybe – in a different light and positivity.



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