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Grímur // Matt and the Skeleton Crew // Repeatedive // Sean Christopher // Denio

Grímur – Smoke

Beautiful chords, compounding gorgeous lyrics and vocals, Grímur brings deep hearted sentiments out for all to experience in ‘Smoke’. The delicate longings of already conquered loves, remind the lovers of the fortunes that are bestowed upon the lucky few. The chances of a connection is rare and far between. But sometimes, sparks fly, and all of the aches and foreseeable challenges, just simply melt away. So go, and grab that chance with all your might. Don’t let it get away. Grímur Gunnarsson is Grímur, and the old folk style just renders listeners to ponder. The ‘country boy’ from Iceland, wanted to sing for the world, and he does it in spades. So, come relish in the soothing goodness of Grímur, and take the opportunity when it presents itself.

Matt and the Skeleton Crew – Merry Go Round

Boston based indie-rock band MATT AND THE SKELETON CREW is so idilic to listen to. It starts from the calm and exact vocals of Matt Silverstein and it just goes on to add the fun and spontaneity that a song like ‘Merry Go Round’ brings tot he table. Beautifully crafted lyrics, in depth, and complex, is presented with all of an airy parsing of words a best friend and/or best lovers would have after a great day at the beach. The darker undertones of the lyrics are masked (to betterment) with the overall rock actuations of Matt and the band. You just can’t get enough of the song. For good measure, a tinge of emo-pop elements are offered at the bridge. What a value, no? ‘Merry Go Round’ is included in the upcoming debut 6 track EP ‘Odds And Ends’, which drops January 8th.

Repeatedive – Don’t Wave At Clouds

Off of their latest 3 track EP ‘I Wish I Understood’ (available now), REPEATEDIVE brings shoegazy elevation through their single ‘Don’t Wave At Clouds’. The dreamgazy single is downtrodden, mystical, glass is half empty, maligned, and nihilistic to a degree – and it’s something that is glorious to feel and try to scrape off your skin. The aftertaste of sour, is conveniently and dutifully shimmered to a level of 2nd chances, as the guitar strums along side your conscious dignities. The world is tough. Relationships are tough. But you’re tougher. Let’s accept and move on. Taiwan based REPEATEDIVE makes it real, and we should lean in.

Sean Christopher – Paper Plane Pilot (After Midnight)

With the kind of innocence and care-free visions he’d had when he was a young lad, has transferred beautifully and gorgeously to his music. “One day I was at my dad’s place, playing one of his flamenco guitars, when suddenly the feeling struck me – this instrument was just right for what I wanted.” The single ‘Paper Plane Pilot (After Midnight)’ is an example of a story telling acumen, that is rare, indeed. SEAN CHRISTOPHER is in fact a rare breed, with soulful vocals, he accentuates note per note of his guitar, singing and telling of possibilities. And we just simply listen in perspective. The Bristol UK based artist released his debut album ‘Yonder’, which is available now.

Denio – These Words Repeat

First exposure to ‘These Words Repeat’ made up react with an inner voice that shouted “What are we listening to?” Don’t get us wrong, the song is engaging from the get-go, with guitars that are razor sharp and the energy level from all of the member, being at 11. But the amalgamation of ska elements, threw us for a loop because it was so hooky. And the chorus, just jumps and hits us with a love tap of firecrackers. The fun loving single is from the fabulously talented band DENIO. And the Liverpool based band does this judo-esque thing, where the combination of pop and indie-rock, just melds seamlessly. The vocals of Mike Davis kicks it into high gear, and never lets go. ‘These Words Repeat’ is a dancy tune that’ll brighten any day. The band consists of Mike Davis, Bill Caple, Andres Hernandez, and Daniel Hernandez.


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